Contact details, links and likes…

To contact me you can email me at
you can call me on 07582697113
you can contact me via facebook
If you like to use pen and paper you can write to me at:

Chris Slater.
Studio 11, ROAR Art Space,
Westgate Chambers,
S60 1AN.

or when you see me painting around Rotherham just stop and have a chat.

links and likes

If you like my work then you may be interested in the Artists that have inspired me over the years.
Here are a few links to their websites. I hope you enjoy.

Tom Coates is a member of the New English Art Club and I think his work is fantastic.
Richard Pikesley. I painted with Richard and learned so much. Contemporary Art at its best.
David Curtis. I believe that David is one of the best Plein Air painters working today.

I would like to mention the following;

Sayas Coffee House, The Imperial Buildings, Rotherham for displaying my work and making excellent coffee.
Hambys of Rotherham, High Street. Rotherham. for displaying my work and for the  good work of the Hamby Foundation. Good work by good people.
The Old Market Gallery, Rotherham, for their continuing support and hosting my next Exhibition in January.
Stafforce, Rotherham, for sponsoring my painting workshops this summer. A lot of people had the chance to follow their love of painting.
And last but not least
Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance, for building the studio I work in. for building this website, for their professional advice, commitment to the Arts in Rotherham… the list is endless.. Thank-you all.